A stunning and gifted Pakistani actress named Zoya Nasir rose to prominence with Junaid Khan in the hit show Hania. In the past, Zoya worked as a stylist and makeup artist. Mere Humsafar, Zebaish, and Deewangi are just a few of the popular serials that Zoya has contributed to. Her successful television show Mere Apnay was extremely popular. Zoya Nasir is famed novelist Nasir Adeeb’s daughter.

Actress Zoya Nasir is well known for her trendy sense of fashion. Following the release of her backless photo, Zoya received a great deal of backlash from the public, who labelled her as being overly brazen and disapproved of the photo. Take a peek at the image of her wearing a daring backless outfit.

Zoya Nasir received harsh criticism from the public for donning an extremely provocative outfit. One user claimed that Pakistani actresses are unsatisfied with their personalities and enjoy performing skin shows. Fans expressed their indignation and demanded that Zoya dress modestly. They used stern language when addressing her. Here are some remarks: