Yumna Zaidi Shares Details About Shooting Viral Pool Scene from Drama Tere Bin

Geo TV currently carries the popular Pakistani serial Tere Bin. In Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and the Middle Eastern nations as a whole, the show is rising in popularity. There are numerous edits of Tere Bin shared on the fan sites. Yumna Zaidi tumbled into the pool after Wahaj Ali let go of her hand in a recent popular drama viral video. The scene will be shown in Tere Bin’s episode that airs tonight.

Yumna Zaidi referred to Tere Bin’s infamous swimming pool scene when she said, “Wahaj wasn’t leaving my hand because clearly it was a dangerous scene, but everything was perfect and perfectly set. The director and Wahaj repeatedly questioned me about whether or not I would do the part because they anticipated that I might decline because, as an actor, I have a lot of hesitations about doing certain things.For the benefit of the Pakistani audience, who deserve to see a scene like this, I was also considering the fact that it had never been filmed in the history of Pakistani drama. My pulse was also pounding as I watched because the scenes were actually dangerous.

Yumna Zaidi’s bold decision to execute such a scene for the audience is being praised by fans. The viewers claim that the scene has piqued their interest, and they cannot wait to see it in today’s show. Check out the comments:

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