YouTuber Saad Aka Ducky Bhai And His Wife Enjoying Their Friends Wedding

A few years ago, YouTube was prohibited in Pakistan, which made it difficult for us to post original content there and on social media. However, as time went on, Pakistani made many stars on the platform, and many individuals quickly rose to fame. Saad ur Rehman, often known as Ducky Bhai, is one such YouTube celebrity. He rose to fame thanks to his roast videos, and he is now recognised as one of Pakistan’s biggest YouTube stars.

Saad ur Rehman, better known by his stage as Ducky Bhai, wed this year, surprising his followers with the news. Saad and Aroob Jatoi, who were married this year, now produce a lot of internet content. The couple was enjoying themselves as they complimented each other while attending a friend’s wedding. Some images of Aroob and Saad from a friend’s wedding are shown below: