Youtuber Azlan Shah & Warisha’s Honeymoon Pictures From Kuala Lumpur

The spectacular wedding of vlogger Azlan Shah and social media personality Dr Warisha Javed Khan was still widely discussed in December 2022, and numerous images and videos from the event went viral on social media. Fans praised the lavish nuptials of the two well-known influencers. Azlan Shah is a well-known vlogger who enjoys having wild animals in his home. He is described by the YouTuber as an animal lover. Dr. Warisha Javed Khan is a sweet influencer who works as a dentist. She became well-known due to Sadaf Kanwal’s remarkable likeness. Her spoof videos were widely shared.

The pair is currently broadcasting footage from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They arrived in Kuala Lumpur to begin their honeymoon. They are both having a great time. The two endearing influencers publish videos and images. Take a look at the images they posted:

Here are the Instagram reels, have a look: