The elaborately planned wedding of Pakistani YouTubers Azlan Shah and Warisha Javed Khan went viral on social media, and guests praised the couple’s wedding festivities. Yesterday, the charming couple’s wedding culminated in a lovely Walima ceremony. Following their Walima event, YouTuber Azlan Shah’s photos of his wife Warisha and a foal went viral. He gave his wife a young donkey as a wedding gift, and the couple once more gained notoriety for their original behaviour. Take a peek at these popular photos of a couple holding a baby donkey:

The pair started getting funny public reactions as soon as the images went viral. Facebook users have been writing humorous and snarky comments about the couple, claiming that they did it to go viral. A few individuals have also been cruel in their remarks. One person said on Facebook, “I’m unsure which one is gifted? Is that dressed in black? “Good method to be viral, social media is merely entertainment even you try to avoid such crap but you can’t,” a another Facebook user remarked. Well, I need therapy after this, a different Facebook user remarked. Hope she takes care of it correctly and doesn’t simply use it for her photo shoots to look better, a person noted in a serious comment. View the humorous remarks made by the general public: