Being something of a romantic and a movie lover, there are some fabulous on screen couples with the best chemistry that I would like to share. We see them on screen and we’re convinced they’re a couple.


On-screen chemistry has always proven to be interesting! Sometimes the chemistry translates off-screen while other times the on-screen couples prove to be really great friends and nothing more. We have a list of 10 couples who had amazing on-screen chemistry!

1. Aiza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi:


I was a huge fan of ‘Payre Afzal’ and thought that it was the chemistry between these two characters which really contributed to its success. Much has been written about the chemistry between these two. I think these two are one of the best on screen couples with the best chemistry.

2. Mahira Khan and Adnan Malik:


There is a reason that “Sadqay Tumhare” is considered one of the greatest stories brought onto drama industry – and we think it is the chemistry between Mahira Khan and Adnan Malik!

3. Sana Javaid and Osman Khalid Butt:


The young and fresh actors made perfect couple in ‘GOYA’. Their comfort level and chemistry caught the audiences’ attention. The maker seems excited to cast them together again and promises that the drama will involve warm and crazy romance.

4. Sarwat Gillani and Fahad Mirza:


These two are far and away my favorite TV couple. ‘Koi Nahi Apna’ is not come up on our expectations and very preditcable drama but I especially loved the chemistry between Sarwat and Fahad, who made such a handsome couple in this drama.

5. Aiza Khan and Sami Khan:


Aiza Khan and Sami Khan play a married couple on “Do Qadam Door the” and their perfect chemistry on-screen makes them one of primetime’s most entertaining couples! both beautifully embraced their characters and won the hearts of many. Their fans are willing to see more of their work together.

6. Adeel Hussain and Aisha Khan:


Back when “Shakk” was on the air, everyone was cheering for Aisha Khan and Adeel Hussain. Although they were not the main couple in the drama, their chemistry caught our attention.

7. Mehwish Hayat and Ahson Khan:


Off-screen Mehwish Hayat and Ahson Khan are good friends, which is not surprising if you have watched them in “Kabhi Kabhi!” Their relationship on-screen is extraordinarily romantic but friendly too.

8. Ushna Shah and Agha Ali


Ushna Shah and Agha Ali play a married couple on “Shehr-e-Yaran” & “Rukhsar” their chemistry looks effortless! Whether they were plotting together, making out or just casually walking, the energy between the two of them was electric.

9. Saba Qamar and Adnan Siddiqui


When it comes to on-screen chemistry, it is really hard to beat Saba Qamar and Adnan Siddqui in “Janam” The chemistry between the two of them was undeniable.

10. Sajal Ali and Feroz Khan


The chemistry between in “Chup Raho” was enough to generate rumors that they are dating! so we can assume that their chemistry in “Chup Raho” was a bit more than a good act.