Yashma Gill Dance At A Recent Wedding

All around the world, people adore winter. Due to the impending winter vacations, which include the major Christmas holiday, they are eagerly anticipated throughout the west. People in Pakistan look forward to winter not just because of the oppressive summers we experience there, but also because of the upcoming weddings that are scheduled for the final three months of the year. Every weekend, attendees sing and dance as they wish the newlyweds well on their new life path at Holy Matrimony ceremonies that we are invited to attend. The same thing was done by Yashma Gill, who enthusiastically and zealously attended a wedding.

At a friend’s wedding last night, Yashma Gill let her inner dancer loose on the dance floor. She added colour to the mehendi ritual while grooving to the music. Yashma is energetic and can dance like a diva with ease. Here are some videos of Yashma Gill taking pleasure in the mehendi ritual:

The internet is reacting to the video and here is what it thinks: