Woman From Bahria Town Islamabad Fall in Love With Her House Help…

We have all heard the expression “love knows no bounds” throughout our lives. A homeowner in Bahria Town Islamabad experienced this in Pakistan when she fell in love with her housekeeper. The woman wanted someone dependable to help her with housework because she lives alone and no longer has any family. She requested a friend to set up a housekeeper, and Sufiyan—who would eventually win her heart—arrived.

Sufiyan’s good manners won Nazia’s heart and the two are inseparable now. Sufiyan is Salman Khan and Tom Cruise of Nazia’s heart while Nazis is Sufiyan’s Katrina Kaif.

Here listen to the love story of the two love birds:

People welcomed the newlyweds and had many amusing comments, with many of them asking for work as housekeepers: