Why Shabbir Jan Won’t Ever Work With Sadia Imam is Disclosed

Brilliant Pakistani actor Shabbir Jan has been active in the business for many years. He has won numerous national honours. The highly renowned actor is well known for his rigid behaviour and anger management problems. He acknowledged having a temper.

Shabbir Jan recently disclosed the identity of the actor with whom he would never collaborate, as well as the fact that he has never done so. Speaking of a person he won’t work with, he stated, “I would never work with Sadia Imam in my life due to some concerns; in fact, there was a period when I thought that things were deteriorating between us and now would harm my household because she was involving herself excessively in our family.We were very close friends and had travelled to the north to film our dramas. When she entered the room and hugged me in front of my wife, it was an inappropriate gesture because my wife already knew that we weren’t that close. She didn’t hug my wife instead, which is the kind of thing that always causes issues because wives don’t understand things.He made it clear that although he had a good friendship with Sadia Imam and that they were not having an affair, he decided not to work with her out of respect for his wife. After making his choice, he claimed he hasn’t collaborated with Sadia Imam till this day. Check out the thorough video:

What do you think on his statement about the brilliant Sadia Imam?