Why Nadia Khan Appeared In Nadir Ali Show After Her Boycott Statement

Today’s radio guest of Nadir Ali astonished his listeners. Nadia Khan, who had lately declined to appear in Nadir Ali’s podcast, was Nadir’s most recent guest. She stated that she does not wish to give an interview to Nadir Ali in a podcast with Hafiz Ahmed despite his team’s best efforts to invite her. She claimed that after the interview airs, the guests experience disdain. Here is a link to her earlier video:

Nadir Ali questioned Nadia throughout the podcast, asking, “Please tell me what exactly are you thinking about me? “Sometimes, the interviews are too good, but a few things go insanely viral which tarnish the image of the guest, the whole interview gets neglected and that one thing destroys the image of the guest, then I felt that certain things should have not been said, I mean there were many things about my friends too which were in bad taste,” Nadia responded when asked directly if she was disrespecting the guest.

In response to Nadia’s question, Nadir Ali stated that it is the responsibility of the host to deliver any statement made by a visitor. He also added, “Yes, I agree that sometimes guests wish to convey a few things that are in poor taste and need to be censored.”

Nadia Khan continued, “I didn’t like a few personal things, as when a speaker mentioned something about a married woman. Nadia Khan remarked, “You are true, the guest speaks on their own but bloggers choose anything which becomes threat, but I came because you invited me with such respect. I didn’t want to come but your team forced me to come, then you also messaged.” Here is a link to the video in which she discussed it: