Why Iqrar Ul Hassan Rejected a Popular Actress’s Proposal

Why Iqrar Ul Hassan Rejected a Popular Actress’s Proposal…

Popular Pakistani presenter and crime reporter Iqrar Ul Hassan has a sizable fan base. The host is well-known for his programme Sar E Aam. Iqrar Ul Hassan recently made an appearance on Mansoor Ali Khan’s show where he talked about having to decline a proposal from a well-known actress.

Speaking of the proposal, he said, “A lady decided to marry me a few years ago; she was the most well-known actress around four years ago; now she is married, but at that time she was so serious that she donned the bridal outfit and went to my both wives and requested their consent to marry me; my wives allowed her and said if you both are agreeable go ahead; first she sought permission from my wives and then she came to me.I didn’t object because how could I, but soon after she began questioning me about how many days, clothes, and books I would spend with her. It was at that point that I understood the value of my wives Qurat and Farah because there is no such thing as it, and I also understood that Allah had blessed me with the two best women. She is now happily married, and we get along well. And because not everyone can find wives like me, I wouldn’t advise anyone to get married a third or second time. Here is a link to it:

Iqrar Ul Hassan is married to Qurat Ul Ain Iqrar and Farah Iqrar: