If girls get that much worried and conscious enough that what they should be wearing at the wedding sessions then you will be surprised to know that boys also get much worried when they get to hear about this news that someone wedding is coming up! They take days and days, they think for weeks and weeks that which dress will suit on them, what shoes they should be wearing at any wedding, what kind of hairstyling they should be making up! Here we will be trying our level best too take these boys out from this fuss, here we will be telling you that what kinds of outfits should be worn at any of the Pakistani wedding:

Fancy Kurtas

We have seen many of the boys like to wear fancy kurtas at some of the wedding functions; they prefer to have these kurtas in some dark shades. These kurtas are made form dabka work.


Fancy Shalwar Kameez

If you will to be wearing some embroidered or fancy kind of shalwar kameez, then we are too sure that you will be looking the most handosme guy at that wedding! Do you know that it is also the requirement of the Wedding Photographer that boys should be wearing fancy outfits at any of the wedding events so that best pictures results may come out.



We to have seen many of the boys that too like to wear sherwani at the barat or wedding events, it is not this heavy and full in fancy sherwani that is worn by them, we have too in the market these lightly embellished sherwanis, you can too be grabbing them!


Waist Coats and Three Piece Suits

If you have been planning a special kind of photography session for the boys at the wedding then we can give you this suggestion that you should be wearing some decent kinds of outfits! If you will be putting on some three piece suits, if you will be putting on some designer waist coat then we just give you this guarantee that best pictures results will be seen by you!



Now all the boys out there, you have well received enough of the ideas that what kind of dresses and outfits should be opted by you if it is the Pakistani wedding! We will let you know more tips so stay tuned.