Waseem Badami Performed Umrah with His Son

Waseem Badami Performed Umrah with His Son…

Waseem Badami is a well-known Pakistani host who has achieved enormous success in his news and journalism careers; his programme, 11th Hour, is a hit. Shan E Ramadan, a collaboration between Junaid Jamshed and Ary Digital, propelled him to the pinnacles of fame and fortune. He also launched his own company.

The host and his son are presently in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. From Makkah Mukarama, Waseem Badami has been posting videos and images. He is there to undertake the Umrah. Additionally, he shared images of himself and his son from Makkah. He resides in a hotel from which it is simple to see the Khana Kaaba. We have gathered a few images from Waseem Badami’s Umrah Journey below for you. Check out the images: