Wajahat Rauf Voice Over Man Launch Party

Wajahat Rauf is a person of many talents. He hosts as well as creates and directs movies, dramas, and television shows. Young people love Wajahat Rauf’s voice over man character because he frequently conducts interviews in character, often in a clearly comedic and risqué manner. Nearly all of the major stars in the business are friends with Wajahat Rauf, and they are frequently seen with him and his family when there is an event.

All of Wajahat Rauf’s acquaintances and coworkers turned out to support him as he returned with his Voice Over Man. We saw Wajahat Rauf’s talented family, including wife Shazia Wajahat and boys Nayel Wajahat and Ashir Wajahat, as well as Hania Aamir, Iqra Aziz, Yasir Hussain, Mohib Mirza, Shahzad Sheikh, Ushna Shah with husband Hamza Amin. Here are some images of famous people attending Voice Over Man: