Viral Girl Mona Dance Performance in Nida Yasir Morning Show

Videos go viral all across the world, and people watch these videos to find material that relieves the stress of daily life. However, in Pakistan, going viral takes a whole process. Once a video has gone viral on social media, Pakistanis start a petition to have Nida Yasir of Good Morning Pakistan feature their new viral celebrities, and she always complies. This time, Ayesha, a popular Dil Ye Pukare Aaja girl, will be on the program.

She revealed the tale of how her video became viral. Ayesha, the girl, revealed that the song had to be performed because it was her best friend’s birthday and it was also her friend’s favorite. She claimed that her family was understanding and had no problems when her video became viral. Ayesha also mentioned how she increased her social media following to about 3 lac.

This is the tale of how she rose to fame. She claimed that she was unaware of her fame for four to five days after her video went viral:

She also added that some people from the extended family had problems with her getting viral but she or parents ignored them:

Ayesha also danced on Nida’s show and she definitely is confident:

She also danced with Hira Soomoro and Nadia Hussain in group:

Here is how the Internet is reacting after their wish got fulfilled: