Viral Girl Ayesha Faces Severe Criticism On Her Latest Video

Online, there are occasionally sensations that go viral. Pakistanis have a reputation for making things go viral and producing a tonne of memes as a result. We have also been gaining a lot of new stars from TikTok’s popular videos. Following the release of her video Pawri Horahi Hai, Dananeer Muneeb gained fame. Since then, she has been in numerous commercials and shows. Ayesha aka Mano is the latest internet sensation to emerge. When she performed the song Dil Ye Pukare Aaja at her friend’s wedding, not only did the song become popular again but Ayesha also became the talk of Pakistan and India.

She has been invited on live morning shows and has amassed thousands of Instagram followers. Since going popular, she has added some fresh photos and videos to her account. These are them:

Here is Ayesha’s new dance video:

People are criticizing the new video as well as people for making such videos and in the process people viral: