Viral Couple Asad And Nimra Celebrates Aqeeqah Of Their Son

After being married at a relatively young age, the viral couple Asad and Nimra became the talk of the town. At the age of 18, the couple was married in 2020. However, rather than taking the wrong turn, people complimented the couple for developing a halal relationship. Azlan, Asad and Nimra’s first son, was born a few days ago.

Azlan’s Aqeeqah ceremony recently took place. Azlan is the son of Asad and Nimra. Asad published a new Vlog on his official YouTube Channel to share some stunning images and footage from the Aqeeqah event with his fans. The event was planned around a blue and white teddy bear motif. The young parents, who were seen matching white outfits, looked stunning together. Only close friends and family were invited to the Aqeeqah ceremony, which was held in a marriage hall. Check out some of the stunning images from Azlan’s Aqeeqah ceremony below!