Reportedly, the news regarding chemistry between Ushna Shah and Hamayun Saeed is just a pathetic publicity stunt used by A & B productions. The rumors are spread with an aim to grab audience attention towards a flop serial “Bashr Momin”. Ushna and Hamayun are under massive stress.

Moreover, Ushna Shah is being threatened in many ways, so that she will stay quiet which is why she is not giving her views on the issue. It is also said, that she is being supported by some political party, or the other case is no one is allowing her to speak on the issue. Whatever reason it is. She has closed her lips on this matter.


Humayun Saeed said that this rumor is completely fake, Ushna is just like a sister and even we hangout after this rumor went viral. The people who are making these false stories are the same who started rumors of his affair with Ayesha Khan. Humayun hesitate also show reluctance in telling the names of those who are behind this scenario. On the other hand, Ushna shah is really pissed off and refused giving interviews to any media channel.