Umrah Pictures Of Shagufta Ejaz Daughter

Doctor and amazing social media influencer from Pakistan, Anya Ali Hamza. She is the child of well-known Pakistani television personality Shagufta Ejaz. The stunning Anya married YouTuber and fitness expert Hamza Baloch. Both Anya and Hamza vlog about their everyday activities.

Anya and Hamza are currently in Saudi Arabia performing the Umrah. Both have published their breathtaking images from Madina and Makkah, Saudi Arabia. When they finished the Umrah, they also posted a stunning reel. When she was leaving for Umrah, Anya showed her siblings photos of the airport. Anya recently posted that she is returning to Pakistan and is heartbroken to leave Saudi Arabia. She claimed that the Umrah pilgrimage was bizarre and incomprehensible. Here are some images along with the Instagram reel.