Pakistan’s television industry is ever-growing and day by day we are seeing a new age of cinema coming forth, and with this new cinema comes new pretty faces, so today we will hunt out the prettiest of them all. from dramas to television, Pakistan has expanded graciously, even if it took a while! now back to the topic, today i will share with you some new faces that have recently hit our TV screens they are not only pleasant to look at but have amazing personalities that keep their fans obsessed with them! These young leading ladies have not only helped revive the Pakistani Television industry but have also taken a leap into the world of cinema and are doing some international roles and hitting the big screen soon!

5. Sanam Chaudry:

Sanam is a rare kind of beauty, one can call her a dusky beauty i suppose, shes no doubt a good actress but also has a chirpy and energetic personality!


4. Maya Ali:

Maya is beyond adorable, her cute smile and soft features give her a friendly look that makes people feel good in her presence, not to mention her amazing sens of dressing!


3. Sana Javed:

Sana has come a long way from side roles to becoming a leading lady, she has a few drams airing as of now and a brought future ahead of her I predict!


2. Nimra Khan:

Nimra is a lesser known pretty face, but shes definitely one to look at, her amazing features give her the look needed to fir our current cinema and on top of her looks shes also a good actress!


1. Hareem Farooq:

Hareem has been compared to a million other actresses but I believe she has her own spark,shes pretty, talented and funny! She has only starred in two dramas but is currently shooting for her third. Hareem is the perfect contender to be Pakistan’s next “Drama Queen”


That was my list for the prettiest actresses as of now on Pakistani TV, keep in mind this list is my personal opinion opinion and every one has a right to their own opinion and taste, if you guys know any one else please do mention in the comments!