There was a time when the myth was that only good face is beauty, But now everyone knows that figure is necessary part for beauty….. In Pakistan showbiz we have many girls with beautiful face and figure. Here is the list of top 10 girls.

1. Saba Qamar


if we say this girl is perfect or say perfection is the other name of Saba we wouldn’t be wrong. This girl not only possesses beautiful eyes,smile, hair but also a great toned up figure.

2. Mehwish hayat


the other one is none other than Mehwish hayat. no one can deny her exotic beauty which is mostly because of her amazing figure and pretty looks.

3. Sara loren


Although Sara has gone a bit wrong with her lip surgery but still her figure is out of this world.

4. Arij Fatyma


This tall and smart girl is definitely a good addition in showbiz with her beauty and amazing talent she is doing great in Pakistani showbiz.

5. Syra Yousaf


Syra Yousuf with her adorable face and cute smile is already a great combination with her talent, and then she is also the fittest girl in the industry.

6. Iman Ali


everyone’s favorite iman is not behind in the fittest bodies of showbiz, she’s vintage at it and does great at ramps flaunting her amazing curves.

7. Mahreen Syed


this stylish model is on no 7th. her walk mesmerize the audience & they love the way she gives her all on the ramp.

8. Shaista lodhi


People can hate her for the on and off season she’s been having in recent times but her beauty is undeniable. her smart figure is the major thing that every dress suits on her and she is loved on the sets of the industry.

9. Sanam baloch


Everyone loves this cute young lady due to her undeniable beauty and her fitness shows on TV doing what she does best.

10. Ayesha khan


Ayesha Khan is the forever ruling woman in the industry she might not be in the headlines but she’s not doubt one of the best in the industry.