Who said that only ‘fair’ is ‘lovely’? Challenging the norms of what we have traditionally considered beautiful, are these immensely popular dusky-skinned bombshells who are the favourite among messes.These top ladies know how to reign and won the hearts of million……. From endorsements to magazine covers and pin-ups , these sexy ladies are more than just an on-screen delight and continue to please the eyes and act as a visual treat .Beautiful dusky actresses like Saba Hamid & Bushra Ansari are also known today for their elegance.

These hot celebs will put the notion to shame. This is dedicated to all those dusky girls or women – behind their computer screen right now!

As well as those beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, sweet, amazing women from showbiz! And trust me they don’t need any fairness cream!

See for yourself!

1. Humaima Malik:

Dusky and deliciously fresh! That’s Humaima for you. Who wants fair skins anymore when she’s around?


2. Sanam Saeed :

She’s out there to challenge that dark is gorgeous and sexy. Currently one of the favorite actress, Sanam is ready for ‘Dayar e Dil’.


3. Mehwish Hayat:

She is a perfect actress, model, singer and dancer. As she puts it, her aim is to be in Bollywood and looking by her moves, she is definitely headed there.


4. Amina Sheikh

Amina is not only beautiful but an accomplished actress. She is literally Pakistan’s face of Lollywood in which she has featured in many films. In addition, she is model, doing several commercials for product manufacturers.


5. Amna Illyas:

Perhaps the best known for Zinda Bhagg, Amna is a fashion model, literally changed the way most people perceived beauty. Amna’s confidence and strong belief in her natural dusky beauty has endured her to many, proving that dark beauties measure the same with those most people are used to.


6. Sanam Chauhdary

This one is one perfect beauty, isn’t she? See the perfect skin with beutiful eyes she can burn up if you aren’t careful.


7. Zalay Sarhadi:

Look at Zalay and know what dark beauty is all about. She carries natural beauty that is unrivaled. As an actress, she has rubbed shoulders with some famous persons.


8. Sarah Khan

Sarah Khan is on the go. Bold, beautiful, sassy, this is one dusky bombshell and we would love to see her on our Tv screens!


9. Maria Wasti:

After proving her acting , this beauty took the world by a storm with her dusky skin and exotic look.Popularly known as ‘Kaloo’, this dark queen have a career in showbiz that’s on the rise!


10. Sunita Marshal:

Having starred modeled for various prestigious brands and act in variety of dramas, Sunita has definitely made her mark in the department of dusky beauty if not anything else. Sunita also manages to conceal age with her alluring and ever young looks.