TikToker Nabiha Ayub’s Tears Up While Discussing About Her Husband

TikToker Nabiha Ayub’s Tears Up While Discussing About Her Husband…

On her show, Mathira featured a number of well-known TikTokers, allowing viewers to learn more about their favourite online personalities and their personal histories. Nabiha Ayub is the newest name to be included on this list. She appeared on Mathira’s show with her and related her life’s journey.

Nabiha revealed that she had a boy child and was married. She disclosed that she was actually the second wife of someone who worked for the government’s excise department. Her husband had two children from a previous marriage. She considered it odd that his family wasn’t more receptive to the proposal at the time, but it wasn’t until their Nikkah that she learned her husband was already married and the father of two children.

Nabiha claimed that she made a compromise since to her, a man getting married twice is not a big thing. But just when she expected, problems began to arise. As it is still tough for her to open up, she started crying on the television as she talked about her husband. Nabiha claimed that although her spouse never physically abused her, she endured significant emotional torture. Her spouse tortured her by hitting on her friends in front of her.

She is now happy and finally out of it. Here is when Nabiha could not hold back her tears on what she has been through: