TikToker Kanwal Aftab Becomes Involved In A Controversy

A well-known and well-known TikTok celebrity, Kanwal Aftab has grown tremendously popular at a young age. On TikTok, Kanwal has more than 16.4 million followers, and on Instagram, she has 2.5 million. Zulqarnain, another well-known TikToker, is married to Kanwal.

Recently, Kanwal Aftab found herself in hot water after a tiny apparel company criticised her for making false agreements and acting in an unethical and unprofessional manner. Kanwal was the target of “Closet By Tahira,” a company, who used their official Instagram account to expose the star’s true identity to the public.

The company stated that Kanwal ordered them to send her personalised PR packages, but she never acknowledged them or posted anything on social media about them or the merchandise she received.

The brand added that when Kanwal was asked to give credit to the brand because it was a PR package, she first ignored them and then misbehaved with them. Kanwal also misled the brand by saying that she hadn’t yet gotten the garments, while in fact Kanwal’s family had received them.