TikToker Jannat Mirza Birthday Party Pictures

Pakistani users of TikTok are obsessed with Jannat Mirza. She began by uploading TikToks to her account and quickly became very well-known in Pakistan after becoming the first Pakistani to surpass 10 million followers on the app. Her debut film, Teray Bajray Di Rakhi, directed by Syed Noor, and her enormous Instagram following have all contributed to her becoming an actress. Teray Bajray Di Rakhi will be released this Eid. She was also given a significant part in the hit drama Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay, which was eventually played by Kubra Khan and marked Mahira Khan’s return to television. She first celebrated her birthday with her fiancé Umer Butt, who had planned a surprise party with gold jewellery for her as Gift.

With all of her friends, the TikToker now went all out to celebrate her hatch day. She hosted a magnificent event with lovely décor, a decadent dessert, and her guests. Jannat made the decision to wear a peach shimmering gown and wear her hair down and open for the event. Here are a few pictures from her birthday celebration: