Tik Toker Kanwal Aftab’s Goud Bharai Rasam Pictures and Videos

Zulqarnain Chaudhary and Kanwal Aftab are a charming famous couple. The duo is renowned for their incredible chemistry and open communication. They are renowned for hosting lavish festivities that go above and above. Every milestone in the couple’s life is honoured. The duo has adoring fans.

The pair informed their admirers of their pregnancy and announced it a few months ago. The couple is preparing for yet another expensive celebration in the wake of the horrific theft incident that occurred at their home. Kanwal Aftab and Zulqarnain are currently celebrating Kanwal Aftab’s Goud Bharai ceremony because she will soon become a mother. The party was set up in a lovely location with all the trimmings. Kanwal Aftab looked lovely in a crimson dress, her cheeks glowing radiantly with pregnancy. Additionally, the couple posed together for the priceless photos. In the event, friends were also invited. Look at the images and videos.