Successful TikTok stars include Jannat Mirza and Umer Butt. With Jannat Mirza emerging as the platform’s biggest star and elevating it to the fore as a haven for artists and fresh talent, they have both built successful careers on it. The pair has been together for quite some time and has two engaged members, Jannat and Umer.

Umer Butt, Jannat Mirza’s fiancé, had elaborate plans to honour the occasion. Red roses and lovely candles were used to embellish the entire setup by Umer. He also invited their pals to join them in their celebration. Beautiful Jannat received a gold jewellery set as a gift from Umer, who also documented his efforts to plan the biggest birthday surprise ever for her. Jannat was dressed in a stunning white jora with black thread embroidery. Additionally, Jannat received roses to further enhance her sense of exclusivity. Here are a few highlights from Jannat’s unexpected birthday party:

Check out some lavish preparations Umer made for Jannat Mirza and how she reacted to them: