Regarding the television industry, Mawra Hocane is undoubtedly one of the most successful Pakistani actresses. She began her career as a VJ before transitioning into television shows. Mawra has occasionally been spotted acting in back-to-back dramas and never leaving the screen. She has a sizable fan base for both her dramas and on social media, where people follow her personal development.

Mawra has had a very busy few years because she has been acting in both plays and films while also focusing on her education. She is currently working toward her law master’s degree and is once more incredibly busy with her studies. Additionally, Mawra is no longer frequently seen on television. After that, we saw her in Qissa Meherbano Ka. Although she hasn’t specified a release date, she has suggested that she and her Sabaat team are working on another project.

Mawra attended Nida Yasir’s morning programme with Urwa. She briefly explained her absence from the scene of the action. She claimed that the difficulty of her degree keeps her busy. Additionally, as she has matured in life, she no longer wants to work on projects that she does not support, which further restricts her options. She hasn’t been working on many projects lately as a result.

This is what Mawra shared:

In the meantime, Urwa has been busy lately and she discussed her plans for a new movie that she wants to create and is already working on: