The public catches the sadness in Nooreh’s eyes as she looks at her newborn sister.

The families of Shahroz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal are joyously celebrating the birth of a gorgeous baby girl. They are meeting, introducing themselves, and having a good time. Nooreh Shahroz, the gorgeous daughter of Shahroz Sabzwari and Syra Yousuf, was also spotted in a recent family video. Fans noticed grief in Nooreh’s eyes while she was holding her infant sibling and noted that she appeared uninterested. Here is the family video when Nooreh first met her infant sister and the general public judged her feelings.

Here are a few pictures of Nooreh while seeing her adorable baby sister.

Fans claimed that she doesn’t appear cheerful and that it’s easy to see the anguish in her eyes. They suggested that she might not be interested in children. According to a fan, she probably doesn’t care for her younger sister because kids her age don’t accept step-siblings, but she will grow to adore them. She is not appearing joyful, as can be seen from her eyes and facial expressions, according to many followers. However, many other fans advised the critics to be direct when expressing their opinions about the young girl’s emotions. Look at the comments.