The Nida Yasir Airport Look video draws criticism from the public

Popular Pakistani television anchor Nida Yasir is frequently in the headlines for her various controversies and trending videos. The host draws attention on social media as a result of her lavish travels. She travels to some of the most popular tourist places in the globe, and her followers adore the photos from her various tours and are eager to learn more about her travels through films and pictures.

This time, Nida shared a video of an outfit she wore to the airport, including her slacks, coat, tank top, bags, and other accessories. Everything was labelled, and it had a distinctly western appearance. Check out the video.

Fans criticised her film and claimed that she was a complete show off because she constantly referred to the brands of everything in it. They claimed that no one could endure the airport’s tight, uncomfortable, and uneasy appearance for more than one or two hours. Fans complained that she was becoming more and more modern, which didn’t fit her age. They claimed that whenever she travels abroad, she always promotes western attire. Nearly all of the feedback on her personal account’s post was critical. Look at the comments.

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