The family vacation of Shazia Wajahat in London

Popular Pakistani drama and film producer Shazia Wajahat has created a number of blockbuster dramas and movies to date. Wajahat Rauf, a well-known Pakistani actor, director, and screenwriter, is married to Shazia Wajahat. Ashir Wajahat, the eldest son of Shazia Wajahat, is a singer and actor by trade.

Shazia Wajahat is now on vacation with her complete family, just like any other celebrity. The family flew to London a few days ago to spend their vacation there. Shazia posted some enchanting family photos from her enjoyable family trip to London on her Instagram account. The family can be seen having a good time together while touring London’s diverse locales. Let’s look at some of the entrancing images that Shazia Wajahat uploaded from the captivating locations in London!