The Aamir Liaquat Body Exhumation Case’s Final Verdict

Since Aamir Liaquat’s passing, his family has been embroiled in a legal dispute over the exhumation of his body and subsequent post mortem. Ahmed and Dua, Aamir’s children, have previously stated that they did not believe there was foul play and did not want an autopsy. Then, Aamir Liaquat was buried in the cemetery belonging to Abdullah Shah Ghazi Mazar.

Aamir Liaquat was later exhumed and had an autopsy ordered by a judge after a citizen by the name of Abdul Ahad petitioned the court. Aamir Liaquat’s family attorneys have accused the citizen of engaging in some sort of political rivalry with Aamir while he was still alive. While Aamir’s children and first ex-wife Bushra Iqbal opposed it, Aamir’s third ex-wife Dania Malik also joined the case.

Finally today, the court revoked the exhumation order for Aamir Liaquat’s body. Bushra Iqbal posted the happy news on Instagram because she and her kids didn’t want to hurt Aamir Liaquat any further. Bushra claimed that they had finally received justice and that she will soon provide further information. According to Bushra Iqbal,

We wish the legal disputes for Aamir’s family to be over, and that they can finally live in peace.