Telenor Fashion Weekend 2015 Driven by Chen One (Finale Pareesa).

Here we are sharing Telenor Fashion Weekend 2015 driven by chen one (Finale Pareesa). As we know that Telenor Fashion Weekend 2014 took place in Lahore…… Telenor Fashion Weekend aspires to become Pakistan’s premier fashion and lifestyle event and will showcase the contemporary Spring/Summer collections of Pakistan’s leading designer brands. Telenor Fashion Week was all charmed by ChenOne by showcasing their exclusive chic designs from their brand Pareesa.The fashion show will be held at Royal Palm Golf & Country Club, Lahore on February 20 & 21, 2015 and is one-of-a-kind fashion event where leading retail brands and fashion labels will be given a chance to present their collections on the runway to a diverse audience. After discussing the details of Telenor fashion weekend 2015 day 1 and day 2, now we want to discuss the details of its day 1. On Day 1, well known designers displayed their collections including Pareesa and many more.

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