Syeda Aliza & Feroze Khan Spotted Outside Court

After a four-year difficult and spotty marriage, Feroze Khan and Syeda Aliza Sultan recently got divorced. Their marriage was allegedly brought about by income compatibility. They do, however, have two gorgeous children, Sultan Khan and Fatima Khan, and their marriage has remained shaky.

In any case, Syeda Aliza Sultan was holding her daughter Fatima in her arms when she and Feroze Khan were observed yesterday outside of court. Also present was Aliza’s mother. Additionally, Feroze Khan and his attorney were observed leaving the court with a water bottle. People outside the court took videos of the ex-couple. Syeda Aliza Sultan also emphasised several of the complex issues in court, and those were uploaded yesterday. Watch the video to see more.

The public found it heartbreaking to witness a very young mother of two going through a divorce. They said that even though a couple divorces, the effects are passed down to the following generation. So they provide Syeda Aliza Sultan their support despite the fact that she is a young, unmarried mother. They identified Feroze Khan and related hearsay about his alleged violent behaviour. On divorce, fans were also depressed.