Surprising Statement from Mathira Regarding Her Bold Attire

Mathira has extensive experience in the field. She has developed during her journey, and we have witnessed her singing, acting, and presenting many shows. She is renowned for her strong demeanour and flamboyant fashion choices.

Mathira’s sense of style has evolved throughout time. She has obviously shifted away from her usual western attire and is currently wearing more eastern clothing. In Mooroo’s podcast, Mathira revealed a startling revelation about this. She revealed that throughout her life, she had been on a spiritual journey and had through many changes. One of those features is her clothing, which has changed recently as evidenced by her social media accounts and television appearances. Mathira claimed that she now wants to cover herself more and avoid exposing her body.

This is how Mathira used to dress:

And this is how she dresses now a days:

This is what Mathira said: