Stunning Merub Ali Latest Clicks From A Wedding

Merub Ali is a relative newcomer to the field. She made her acting debut as Yumna Zaidi’s sister in the female-focused drama Sinf e Aahan. Since then, she has acted as Sarah Khan’s sister in two large-scale dramas: Wabaal and a Ramadan play. She has also appeared in numerous advertising campaigns and fashion shows. Young and talented, she is demonstrating to the world that she is here to stay. Asim Azhar, a famous actor, is also engaged to her. Her and Asim’s photos together consistently garner affection and good wishes from followers since people adore seeing them together.

Merub Ali took time off from her job to get ready for a friend’s wedding. She opted to wear a dark chadar and a dull gol pishwas. She wore minimal makeup and a bun in her hair. She looked stunning and was a sight to behold in her wedding-related attire. Merub Ali appeared in the following photos from a friend’s wedding: