Stunning Aliza Sultan First Modeling Photoshoot – Public Reaction

Beautiful young model and social media influencer Syeda Aliza Sultan. After marrying actor Feroze Khan, she gained notoriety. So, in 2022, the two were no longer together. Mother to two adorable children, Syeda Aliza Sultan. Aliza has now formally begun working as a social media influencer. Aliza Sultan also works as a model for several companies.

The stunning influencer recently completed her first modelling project. The stunning photo shoot was captured on camera near the beach. Aliza Sultan looked stunning in her feminine long robes. Here are the images we have gathered:

Here is the link to her Instagram reel :

Fans praised Syeda Aliza Sultan for her bravery and showered her with affection and appreciation. Fans praised her for having successfully moved on from a negative experience. Additionally, they are supporting her in her future endeavours. Here are a few comments we’ve gathered: