Sonya Hussyn Faces Criticism On Her Latest Pictures

Sonya Hussyn is a stunning Pakistani actor who works in both television and movies. She has millions of fans who adore her performance, and the public enjoyed her most recent film, Tich Button. The preview for Sonya’s next movie Daadal is making the rounds on social media. Currently, television audiences are enjoying and praising Sonya’s drama Tinkay Ka Sahara.

Sonya Hussyn is a stunning model that excels at both western and eastern styles. Style icon Sonya Hussyn understands how to carry herself in any type of garment. On social media, her most recent scorching saree photoshoot is trending. Check out the images:

Well, her exceedingly daring and backless saree didn’t go over well with the admirers and Facebook users. They claimed that while such appearances are not attractive, they cast a negative light on the talented performers who have found great success as a result of their talent. Fans believed that such revealing attire was unnecessary and that performers looked stunning in covered garb. Many people criticised her on social media and used rude language. The remarks are as follows: