Singer Nouman Javaid Reveals The Reasons Behind The Suicide Attempt...

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Almost a week ago, news made the rounds that Nouman Javaid was injured in a car accident and was on the hospital bed. Rumours suggested the singer had attempted suicide; while hospital staffers refused to comment, Nouman’s family had denied all such speculation and a post on his Facebook page said he was injured following a gas leak in his bedroom.

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However, Nouman has considered it wise to come out on the issue and tell his fans and followers what exactly happened. Talking to The Express Tribune, Nouman made the revelation that in real, no car accident had happened and he had instead popped some 50 sleeping pills in order to end his life – a decision he regrets today. He was rushed to Ittefaq Hospital where he remained for two days.

Nouman said he has been battling depression for a while now. “I was in depression for quite some time before finally attempting suicide. I was facing issues in life but I wish to make it clear that my marriage has not ended yet,” he said, referring to hearsay of his falling out with wife, singer Fariha Parvez. “Secondly, Fariha was not the only reason behind my depression; there were a number of other things involved,” shared Nouman.

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