Sidra Batool declares she will only produce content for Muslims

Sidra Batool began her professional life at a very young age. She later got married and began working quite irregularly. Sidra has mostly been spotted in various fashion photos; nevertheless, we haven’t seen her in many plays. The cause of it has finally been revealed by her.

From this point on, Sidra will exclusively work with Islamic content, and that too while donning a hijab. She conducted a Q&A session on Instagram where she discussed her transformation and future ambitions. She also erased all of the images that did not feature her wearing a hijab when sharing one.

Sidra explained that Imam e Hussain RA’s sacrifices had helped her understand that her journey needed to be different. As a result, she is now concentrating on mastering the Deen while listening to Maulana Tariq Jameels’ speeches and lectures online. May Sidra’s new path be prosperous and peaceful!