Showbiz Stars Are Having Fun At Winterland

Pakistan typically experiences warm temperatures. We barely get a few months of chilly weather, which is cherished by all Pakistanis equally, and the weather is typically hot and humid. So having a fun location to visit is great, and Winterland in Karachi has achieved this for families. Celebrities are typically quite busy at work, so we only get to see them all together at certain events. As a result, many of your favourite celebrities joined together for a fun occasion and went to the Winterland. We could tell from the clicks that they were obviously calm.

Mehwish Hayat and Ushna Shah, two of the biggest stars, were seen there. Other famous people, like Nadia Hussain, brought their kids around since it’s fun for youngsters to hang out in these settings. Here are your favourite celebrities dressed for the cold weather in Winterland. Look into: