Do you want to know some of the most talked about personal tragedies in the life of the celebrities? Well we often bring ourself with the notion that celebrity life is all free from the troubles and issues but that’s not true at all! Let’s have a look at the list of the personal tragedies in the life of the celebrities: Top and Most Wanted List of Personal Tragedies In Life of Celebrities:


1. One of the Pakistani actresses joined the showbiz world but her father was the imam of masjid. When he heard he died due to heart attack

2. There was another actress who moved into the television showbiz world and her father was a government officer and he died for the reason that her daughter joined showbiz.people who know her father says that he use to cry over her daughter’s activities.

3. One of the actresses i-e Javeria Abbasi faced the serious accident in her personal life for which she has to cut her off all from the showbiz That time phase was the cruical time period of her life.

4. One of the legendary actresses such as Rohi bano lost her son as someone murdered him. She lost her mental condition as after losing her son.

5. In the end we have one of the actresses who faced the mental disabiliy when her father got 2nd marriage. The name of the actress is Iman Ali. After her father 2nd marriage she just left the home and start living in rent house. So these have been few of the main and famous personal tragedies of the celebrities that brings the great changes in their whole life!