Shoaib Malik Got Emotional On a Live Show

A well-known figure in Pakistani cricket is Shoaib Malik. In his career, he has witnessed some heartbreaking defeats as well as some extremely important victories. He has, nevertheless, become a fan favourite because of his batting prowess and all-around charisma. He also knows how to act in front of the camera and is well-liked on television. He served as a bridge between Indian and Pakistani fans because he was married to the Indian tennis player Sania Mirza. In his career, Shoaib has had many victories.

In the 2009 T20 World Cup victory over Sri Lanka, Shoaib Malik played a role. Every cricketer hopes to be a part of the team that wins the world cup, and Shoaib was one of the fortunate ones while Younis Khan was captain. Shoaib Malik went back to his memories and gave a heartwarming anecdote in response to the recent heartbreak we all experienced when our side lost the T20 World Cup final.

He said that the team was undoubtedly devastated when we lost the championship game in 2007, and when we triumphed in 2009, captain Younis Khan showed him a really heartfelt gesture. He gave him a call and requested that he lift the award. While recalling the gesture, Shoaib Malik broke down in tears live on air.

Pakistan’s victory in the 2009 T20 World Cup made it memorable for both the country and the players. And this is what brought Shoaib’s emotions back:

What the general public thinks of Shoaib’s tears is as follows: