Seven Year Journey Of Maryam Noor With Husband Ismail Butt

We witnessed the stunning nuptials of Maryam Noor and her spouse Ismail Butt throughout this wedding season. Her wedding celebration was lovely and colourful, with joy and music heard everywhere. Maryam thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of her wedding, from the understated dholkis to the upbeat Sangeet to the stunning baraat and walima. At every occasion, Maryam and Ismail were happy and in love, and one could see it in their eyes.

Recently, Maryam revealed in an interview that they initially met at the flight school she attended seven years ago, when her husband was actually a pilot teacher. Since then, they have been dating, and they only got married when Maryam finished her education and both of them had established careers. Actually, her spouse got down on one knee and got her on a plane. She posted photos from their seven-year journey to Instagram and thanked her husband for making her feel safe and content all the time. Here is how Maryam and Ismail developed side by side:

The couple is super happy to be together and it shows: