Khara Pani… Hard Water… These are the two most commonly used words in our region to define water that damages hair and takes away it’s shine & beauty. We’ve all heard our friends and family say how tap water is damaging their hair and how bad the condition of their hair is thanks to “Kharra Pani”, but did we really know the problem exists?

After extensive research, Pantene has come up with the innovation to fight against water damage.

11038111_10155250296625506_2085500205998590988_nIn the media launch event held at Cafe 44 on Tuesday, 3rd of March 2015, Pantene Pakistan revealed their latest innovation; the solution to protect hair against water damage. The event was hosted by Pantene’s Brand Manager Maheen Hassan, along with the Pantene Hair Expert and Brand Ambassador Nina Lotia and gorgeous face of Pantene and renowned actress Aamina Sheikh.

Affluent bloggers and media fraternity alike attended the launch event along with the endorsers Nina Lotia who has been the Pantene Hair Expert for several years now, and Aamina Sheikh as the Pantene Beauty Diva.

The New Pantene, which comes as a blessing for women around the world looking for a solution to protect hair against water damage, brings the innovative technology by which Pantene protects and repairs hair against water damage and leaves your hair more healthy and beautiful after every wash.Pantene-Repairs-Protects-Against-Water-Damage-353x500

Talking to the media at the event, Nina and Aamina revealed how females across Pakistan had been facing this problem. People were subconsciously aware of the issue and there were existing myths about water damage. However, they were unaware of the scale to which this problem exists and is very much a reality in Pakistan. Until recently there was no solution to this.

Pantene is the World’s 1st shampoo brand to have come up with this solution. The New Pantene is now equipped with damage blockers, which stops the excessive copper and harmful minerals in water to damage hair while making hair beautiful and healthy after every wash. These “Damage Blockers” can help block the copper content deposited in hair by tap water. Thus, the effect on hair becomes closer to the result you get from rinsing hair with bottled water.

11018894_862983713757147_3433172500082385329_oIn conversation during the event, the Brand Manager for Hair Care Category at Procter & Gamble Pakistan, Maheen Hassan said:“Today is an iconic moment in the history of Pantene innovation. In the past, Pantene has brought several options for different types of hair to make hair health easier for our consumers but with the launch of our latest innovation to counter water damage – Pantene has made history..” 

Maheen Hassan further added that, “When the Pantene Hair Research Institute experts found a solution to the damage caused by excessive minerals in tap water, we sent our local expert in hair care, Nina Lotia to the Pantene Labs in Singapore to understand the science behind the technology. We also shared the product with our Brand Ambassador Aamina Sheikh so they can share their experience of achieving healthy hair with you.”

Pantene has always been the leader in the Hair Care category owning the beauty & glamour segment with innovation and research. As part of their strategy to create awareness, Pantene prior to the event launched a teaser video on their Facebook page, where they communicated how Pantene has bottled a micro technology in their shampoos that will make your hair look and feel as if it were rinsed with bottled water.

It really is a revelation that a brand that stands for beauty and glamour globally has taken the initiative to come with the solution to address to the biggest unspoken hair problem that women face; water damage, making it truly the innovation leader in its category. Thumbs up to Team Pantene! 🙂

Pantene is a Procter & Gamble Hair Care brand that stands globally for beauty, glamour and the independent women. Pantene’s Media responsibilities are handled by Starcom Mediavest Group, Pakistan and its PR is handled by Xenith.

Picture Courtesy: Different Thinking