Sanam Saeed’s Recap Of Year 2022 Reveals That She Is Married To Mohib Mirza

Actress Sanam Saeed has always maintained her privacy regarding her personal life. She prefers to keep her opinions to herself and only speaks up when she feels it is important for everyone to know. Only a small number of photos from her first, extremely private wedding were posted, and she only briefly mentioned the breakdown following her divorce. She sticks to herself and just presents the public with her professional side.

She has allegedly been married to fellow actor Mohib Mirza for quite some time, despite neither of them openly confirming the rumours. Numerous news outlets and celebrities themselves have made suggestions that these two celebs are dating, but nothing has been officially confirmed. However, Sanam Saeed’s summary of 2022, which she shared, has proved that the rumours were real and that the two celebrities are definitely dating. Here are some stunning images of them having fun together.

Sanam shared her best moments from the year 2022 and Mohib was everywhere:

People are congratulating and speculating at the same time after the video was up:

Mohib has also confirmed that he is married in Hasna Mana Hai according to Jang News Urdu: