imagesSince the inception of the show that gets us all the juicy gossip and inside news into the world of Pakistani Showbiz, the designer and chat show host Hassan Sheheryar Khan has become the Karan Johar of Pakistani media fraternity with his sizzling show, “Tonight with HSY”.

Be it the gossip on Ayesha Khan & Mehwish Hayat or the Saba-Hamza social media controversy, HSY’s blunt questions and rhetoric are something to look out for. Anyone on the couch in front of HYS cannot hope to survive the journey and ends up leaving trail of bread crumbs for us to follow. Something similar happened on the show with Sanam Jung seated across HSY.

alvida-drama-Model, actresses and a recently acclaimed morning show host, basking in the fame and glory of her renowned HUM TV morning show “Jago Pakistan Jago”, Sanam Jung is a face that surprised us all. Not to mention we totally fell in love with her in “Dil-e-Muztar”, the actress who appeared in “Tonight with HSY” recently slipped her tongue to reveal that she will be getting hitched pretty soon. Yayyyyy for Sanam!!

tonight-with-hsy-season-2-episod-640x360According to Sanam, marriage was definitely in the books and she has not ruled it out yet and is considering to get married soon. Rumor has it that she has not been signing major projects lately and had been seeingĀ a pilot.

Being in love with Sanam as we are, we wish her all the very best for her future, be it in the media scene or as a bride-zilla!