Sana Khan Expresses Her Joy Over Recent News Regarding the Kaaba

Popular Bollywood actress and model Sana Khan quit the entertainment business at the height of her career to convert to Islam. She began wearing the hijab and wed Mufti Anas Saiyad, a young Muslim scholar. She has fully converted to Islam at this point.

Along with her husband, the stunning actress and social media personality participated in Hajj E Akbar this year. She shared stunning images and videos from the Hajj. Sana informed her followers about Khana Kaaba today.

The walls around the Khana Kaaba have been taken down, according to yesterday’s official Saudi Arabian government announcement. The Umrah can now be performed in front of the Kaaba. “Yesterday, I heard an exceptionally excellent news that the boundaries encircling Khana Kaaba are lifted, now we may touch and kiss Kiswa Tul Kaaba and conduct Umrah,” Sana Khan wrote on Instagram, expressing her joy.

The film was well received by the public, who noted that it is indeed excellent news for Muslims. They claimed to be waiting for Allah to speak. “Ameen,” a Facebook user wrote. I can’t even begin to describe how impatient I am for another call from my Allah to visit and touch the Kaaba. Allah hum sub ki Murad puri Kare, may He accept our prayers. Nearly everyone expressed their joy at the wonderful news. Many Facebook users expressed their anticipation of the announcement. Here are some remarks.