Salman Iqbal ARY CEO Celebrates Humayun Saeed’s Birthday In Dubai

Humayun Saeed celebrating his birthday in Dubai alongside the CEO, Ary Salman Iqbal. Thank you for a fantastic birthday dinner in Dubai, Salman Iqbal and Sabeen Salman. Alhamdulillah, we had a terrific time this year with so much to celebrate. And I want to thank you all for your love, well wishes, and prayers on my birthday. It really does mean a lot to me. Allah be with you all.

Samina Said, the spouse of Humayun Saeed, There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t feel grateful that you entered my life. With you by my side, the best days of my life have been better and the worst days haven’t been as horrible.
I want you to have the type of joy and tranquilly that you bring into the lives of everyone else, now and every day. May Allah continue to bless and guard you.
More than everything else, I cherish you! Birthday greetings, Humayun