Saleem Sheikh’s Daughter Nashmiya Walima HD Pictures

Nashmiya Saleem Sheikh, the adored and gorgeous daughter of the extremely handsome and talented Pakistani actor Saleem Sheikh, wed in December 2022. On all of her big days, including those for her Mayun, Nikkah, Barat, and Walima celebrations, Nashmiya Saleem Sheikh looked gorgeous. Well, the Sunehrey Din actor enthusiastically attended her daughter’s wedding festivities. On the first wedding celebration ever held in his home, he made care to invite all the closest relatives and friends. All of Nashmiya Saleem Sheikh’s relatives and friends were present for her reception, which took place yesterday.

The relatives of Sanan Bajwa and Saleem Sheikh attended the Walima celebration. Walima was also attended by Behroze Sabzwari, Shahzad Sheikh, and Momal Sheikh. All of the HD pictures shared by Irfan Butt Photography have been gathered here. View the stunning images of Nashmiya Saleem Sheikh’s Walima: